Ambassador Nealon Hosts Honduran Journalists

Translation of this article from La Prensa.

James Nealon, the ambassador from the United States boldly stated that journalists play a fundamental roll in democracy and are the eyes, ears, and voice of the public and are a necessary vehicle for interactions between society and citizens, at a celebration to commemorate the Global Day of Freedom of Expression and Press.

The diplomat from the United States hosted numerous news editors, coordinators, and directors at his residence, where he took his chance to urge them to practice journalism with discipline, impartiality, veracity, equality, balance, responsibility, ethics, and passion for their work.

Ambassador Nealon noted that after three years of living in Honduras he’s learned to value the work done by journalists, and clarified that his role wasn’t to give advice or to suggest the role Honduran journalists will play in society as professionals and as members of civil society.

Ambassador Nealon stated: “I can say that in the nearly 3 years I’ve been living here I’ve followed the news very closely, I’ve read, listened, and heard the news you have reported which don’t just inform but have also undressed topics which have changed Honduran society for the better. In that sense it’s clear that you all are the voice of the public and the vehicle which connects the public and society.”

The Ambassador stated that from its inception journalism has played a fundamental role in democracy and thanks to hard-working journalists people throughout the nation can have an awareness of national events. That’s why he refers to them as the eyes and ears of the public.

Ambassador James Nealon encouraged the Honduran press to continue down the road of journalism so that they may “continue being the inspectors of the public to inform people not only about things that must improve but also to highlight the work done in cities and in the countryside to successfully construct a peaceful and prosperous Honduras.”

World Freedom Of Expression Day is celebrated on May 3rd and started from a U.N. resolution passed in 1991.

Image credit: archive.

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