Liberal Party And LIBRE Teaming Up In El Rosario, Comayagua For The Mayoral Race

Members of the Liberal Party are teaming up with members of LIBRE in the community of El Rosario, Comayagua to ensure victory when it comes to the mayoral race and take the position of mayor back from the National Party in at least one community in Comayagua.

Yesterday it was announced that the two parties will not be clashing against each other and possibly dividing the votes among themselves in El Rosario and will nominate a single candidate to increase the odds that the next mayor of El Rosario will not be a member of the National Party. This is not a common occurrence throughout the nation and the news probably caught Nationalists in Comayagua off-guard.

While it’s known that an opposition alliance has openly emerged against the National Party on a national level to decrease the chances of current President Juan Orlando Hernandez reelection campaign’s success in granting him another term as the country’s president, on a municipal level such alliances are not particularly common. Despite the relative rarity of these inter-party alliances on the most local levels El Rosario isn’t the only community where such alliances are beginning to appear, others include: San Jeronimo, Meambar, and Ojos de Agua.

One of the reasons why this is so note-worthy is that the Liberal Party didn’t join the presidential alliance (currently made up of the Anti-Corruption Party, PINU, and LIBRE) against the National Party, so the fact that local leaders of the Liberal Party are willing to meet with and communicate with LIBRE party leaders and come up with these alliances as a method to weaken the local influence of the National Party is a bit of a surprise to casual observers of the buildup to the Honduran election in November.


To read this in Spanish check out Noti Bomba’s coverage of it!

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