Dr. Arturo Cruz Discusses The Trump Effect


The expert in international politics and professor Dr. Arturo Cruz held a conference about what’s been dubbed the “Trump Effect” in Central America in San Pedro Sula yesterday. Today he’ll be having a similar conference in Tegucigalpa. Yesterday’s began at 8 in the morning in the Intercontinental Hotel, and today’s will also begin at 8 in the morning in Tegucigalpa’s Intercontinental Hotel.

The event is organized by the Estrategia & Negocios magazine, part of the Opsa group, and sponsored by the Lafise bank, the Zamora Teran foundation, Seguros Lafise, AmCham Honduras, and Expoferias.

Estrategia & Negocios as a magazine specializing in economic, business, and financial themese, has an objective with this event: provide an x-ray to audience members of the politics and objectives of the Trump administration relative to Central-America.

During this conference Dr. Cruz is going to present, analyze, and understand the distinct politics of the new administration of the United States, along with seeking to define a new vision for the United States as Honduras’s biggest business partner, the leadership of the United States, and how the United States’s decisions will affect Honduras’s politics, economic, immigration, and more.

Dr. Arturo Cruz has been the ambassador of Nicaragua to the United States and Canada, a visiting professor to El Salvador’s Escuela Superior de Economia y Negocios.Advanced School of Economics and Business, and been a part of executive programs in Duke University.

He has also been invited to be part of the Grupo de Asesores del Hemisferio Occidental del Director Gerente del Fondo Monetario Internacional. In October of 2011 he joined the Consejo de Embajadores de las Americas a group associated with the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

This is a translation of an article from La Prensa.


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