New National Police Law Approved By National Congress

Earlier today the National Congress of Honduras completely green-lit the new law concerning the country’s national police. Prior to approval of the law 2 of the 3 sections of the law that had been suspended were eliminated at the suggestion of the special commission. males-2091756_960_720

One of the points of contention within this bill related to the salary given to police officers which will change the wages paid to police officers. The changes to article 126 caused a heated debate among congresspeople with the opposition alliance being angry at this given that it no longer defines a base pay for police officers. Despite the debate the changes were approved with a vote of 58 congresspeople in favor as opposed to the 24 votes against it.

One of the crucial changes this bill creates, one which has been discussed very extensively, is that it brings large changes to the institution which investigated accusations of wrong-doing among police: the office of investigation and evaluation of police officers (DIECP) and makes it so that their work is done instead by the office of disciplinary matters of police (DIDADPOL).

This new institution (whose creation was first approved of in April of this year) is not a police institution and is instead a part of the Secretary of Security with autonomy in the following areas: technical, administrative, and in financial matters, presumably to help make it easier to purge police officers who engage in criminal acts.

This article is a translation of an article which first appeared on El Heraldo.

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