El Heraldo Coverage Of Atic Investigation Into Irregular Purchases Of Medication

El Heraldo is currently reporting on an investigation by the Technical Agency of Investigation (ATIC) who are investigating the Health Ministry and confiscating documents found in the general administration office of the secretary of health. El Heraldo is concerned with discovering how much money the governmental agency has overspent on medication, which currently is estimated to be at least 440,000 lempiras with at least 12 business involved. The medicine was sold to at least 23 public hospitals, 20 different health regions, and throughout the center of the country according to information released by the Public Prosecutors.

The investigation by ATIC is also being supported by the Special Prosecutor For Transparency And Combating Public Corruption (FETCCOP) ans has been going on all day. The investigation involves more than 600 employees from the ministry of health, among them directors, administrators, treasurers, purchasing managers, heads of supplies, administrative assistants, secretaries, and surveillance heads.

This gigantic number of employees may have committed the crimes of abusing their authority, unlawful enrichment, and violated their official obligations and safeguards to prevent fraud. That’s why investigators have decided to stage an intervention in the offices of the Health Ministry and begun seizing data, forms, and paperwork, to speed up the process of this investigation.

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