Tragic Housing Situation Unfolding In La Lima, Cortes.

La Prensa has started reporting on an event occurring in La Lima, Cortes earlier today. Agua Prieta is a part of the municipality of La Lima and it was there where at least 80 families began an engagement with the police which resulted in the police breaking them apart and detaining 7 people who began striking the police officers on the scene.

Earlier a judge began conversing with the people who had gathered in the area and told them that they had two hours to leave peacefully, but it seems that the dialogue didn’t end as anticipated by the judge.

It appears that this gathering of people was initiated due to the fact that they paid a man who swindled them out of their money, taking amounts ranging from 50,000-70,000 lempiras from them. The man they paid money to appears to have claimed to have been the owner of the land they built their homes on but wasn’t actually the man who owned the land they were living on. The actual owner has emerged and appears to be capable of evicting them from homes they’ve lived in for in some cases years.

Alonso Pineda, the local police chief told them that more than 50 families will be forcibly taken out of their homes if they cannot come to an agreement with the legal owner of the land. Armed security and police forces state that they have an order to forcibly evict people living in the area which was signed by a judge.

People who live in the area have built homes out of concrete and have invested considerable sums of money into what they believed were homes for themselves approved of by the owner of the land. If this situation ends badly it’s possible for dozens of families to have wasted tens of thousands of lempiras and lose their homes.


1 thought on “Tragic Housing Situation Unfolding In La Lima, Cortes.”

  1. Wow, this is tragic. I suppose this happens when precise records are not kept, and people are accustomed to “Gentleman’s Agreements.” Corruption, always, in the end, causes much misery and tears and frustration. I hope the authorities pursue this unscrupulous criminal and recover some of the money.


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