Alleged Dog Meat Scandal Results In Chinese Restaurants Closing

Jaime Rodriguez, legal representative of various Chinese restaurants has spoken about a scandal from a few weeks back about alleged dog meat which left at least 20 restaurants shut down. This past Wednesday Honduras’s Chinese community denounced what they view as an xenophobic campaign throughout the country in front of the Public Prosecutors office in the wake of this scandal.

Hung Pacheco, the president of the Chamber Of Commerce Honduras-China stated that their group has not gotten any report about confiscated meat or even gotten any information about this report.  Yesterday it was announced that the report is currently in the possession of Honduras’s attorney general: Oscar Chinchilla.

This is a translation of an article from Noti Bomba. Be sure to check out the original post and to check out the Patreon page of The Honduras Report if you want to provide support to us as we continue to cover and critically talk about events throughout Honduras.

We’d love to know your opinion on this but keep in mind that details are still emerging and that at this point people affected are undoubtedly feeling frustrated. Treat people with respect as they express their opinions on this matter.

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