Inching Closer To The End Of The IHSS Trial

A new article from El Heraldo explores the latest developments surrounding 6 people accused of creating ghost businesses for the purpose of embezzling money from the Honduran Institute of Social Security.

An expert witness from the Unit of Financial Support held throughout the hearing that at least 18 businesses are involved in the laundering of a gigantic amount of money, estimated to range around 300,000,000 lempiras.

This money was supposedly used by officials from the Institution to buy property in Honduras and abroad. The people accused of this are Mario Zelaya, Jose Bertetty, and Vivian Juarez. Additionally: Michelle Alejandra, Susette Rojas, and Jhon Charles Bogran. In order to make payments, Zelaya would open lines of credit with different banks, and transactions that would occur without the proper paperwork.

Today the trial was presented with the value of the properties of the accused which were seized by the Public Prosecutors. This trial could conclude as early as next Monday, according to the scheduling of the case.

This means that at long last the people of Honduras are close to learning what fate will befall the man whose actions inflict tremendous harm on Honduras’s social security system and possibly seeing him face justice after years of waiting.


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