Independent Politicians In Honduras

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal has reportedly received paperwork from nine independent candidates running for office. In 48 hours the limit established in the Law of elections and political organizations expires and the limit for independent candidates to register will be up.

A source linked to the electoral entity has stated that the majority of independent candidates are running for positions on the municipal level, with just one running for president: businessman Rene Bendana. Rene Bendana got more than 70,000 signatures which was a requirement for him to successfully submit his name.

There is a special office designed to receive the paperwork of candidates and to give out the paperwork the TSE requires be filled out, in the National Institute Of Vocational Training (Infop) where they assess the candidates and figure out how to best help them fulfill the required conditions to become official electable figures.


Sunday at midnight is when no more independent candidates will be able to sign up, as well as beginning the period of 5 days when the lists of names of citizens who support the independent candidates will analyzed via the National Electoral Census and other existing registers. Once the comparison is completed the lists will be displayed for 10 days in the offices of the civil municipal registers as well as in the seats of the political parties.

The final step involves a check to make sure that the potential electable figures have fulfilled all of the prerequisites, filling a final document, and reinspecting them before adding them to the list of candidates during the election.

 A Final Note:

This was a challenging translation and there was a section I skipped. I’ll attempt to translate it here but I can’t really make sense of it.

The presentation of nominees of the citizens who represent a number equivalent to 2% of the total number of valid votes in the last general election, which is a elemental requirement so that a petition be accepted. Additionally they need to present a copy of their ID, a recent photo, evidence of their neighborhood, as well as a declaration of prinicpal and actionable political programs so that they can become independent candidates.

Starting at “additionally” it makes considerably more sense but the first part was something I couldn’t make heads or tails of no matter how I tried to read it. This section begins right after the section talking about Rene Bendana’s independent Presidential run.  This originally appeared on La Prensa.

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