Honduran Sign Language

Honduras’s sign language is named: LESHO, Lengua de Senas Hondurenas. Resources and articles in English on Hondurans who are deaf are sorely lacking with some of them being as dated as 2010, such as a report by the Christian non-profit SIL International which released a sociolinguistic survey about Hondurans who are deaf authored by a Ms. Holly Williams. A group dedicated to providing support for deaf Hondurans and the hearing population that works to help deaf Hondurans such as teachers in the area of La Entrada (located in the Department of Copan) is ABC Hearing which provides hearing aids to deaf Hondurans and instructs them and their families in the use and proper upkeep of hearing aids and devices.

A series of videos uploaded by a YouTuber named Jessie Solomon, who either is or was a member of the Signs of Love ministry, showcase a wide variety of signs used by individuals who communicate using LESHO. Signs of Love is a ministry specializing in reaching out to deaf individuals in developing countries. If you want to see the videos created by Ms. Solomon I recommend starting with the alphabet.

Lots of resources in English that talk about deaf Hondurans were created by Christians and focus on efforts to help spread Christianity. Lots of the people who provide some level of support to deaf Hondurans are Christians, be they foreign missionaries or Honduran volunteers working with a variety of groups both secular and religious in origin and purpose.

This is the first of hopefully many articles that’ll be written about communities in Honduras that don’t receive significant English press, and while it’s frustrating that many existing English resources about deaf Hondurans are almost certainly outdated, it’s good to know of at least one group that is most likely still helping deaf Hondurans its also worth noting that the creators of the resources found online might well still be working with deaf Hondurans. A later post will be about Honduran coverage of deaf Hondurans and the groups that work with them to find ways to improve their quality of life.

There are some groups who deserve significantly more press in English than they receive and the hope of this sort of post is to highlight those groups and share existing resources that have talked about them with readers of The Honduras Report.

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