Translation Of “Acciones De La Operacion Antifraude” Opposition Alliance Document

Yesterday one of the Facebook pages for the Opposition Alliance released a vital document which calls for a simulation in August to test how the Opposition Alliance would react to electoral fraud and how effective their existing protocol would be. This is a translation of that document.

Action Number 1: Electoral Simulation to take place August 6th in the wake of a collective mobilization taking place in the 8,000 electoral centers throughout the country. In each center there will be a special schedule to collect information and conduct actions to be done in a timely manner.

Action Number 2: A collective mobilization of the citizens will take place, throughout the country to demand electoral reforms which guarantee transparent and clean elections.

Action Number 3: Issue an order to the candidates for mayors, congressional candidates, departmental coordinators and municipal coordinators, to turn in the 36,000 names and ID numbers of the people who count votes and man the electoral tables to the Opposition Alliance.

Action Number 4: Convene all of the national structure so that the revision and counting of the National Electoral Consensus can begin the process of determine illegal votes, the dead people who didn’t appear, the living who didn’t show up, as well as voters from out of the community or who lived far away. Additionally this needs to include those who aren’t included: military people, active police, and convicts. The Opposition Alliance will run call centers meant to collect and document cases of electoral fraud.

Action Number 5: Warning; to people who on election day have cash to bribe people and change/buy the votes of citizens there will be people watching each electoral center who will help authorities place these individuals in jail due to their criminal intent.

In defense of popular sovereignty, and in defense of our votes. For a clean election, without cheating, without bribery, without fraud. Go to the ballot box, to defeat the dictator, and electoral reelection.

To find the original document click here. To support our translations go to our Patreon page.

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