Investigation Into Health Ministry To Continue Next Week

Delia Rivas, the Health Minister has assured the press that those responsible for a newly discovered scandal involving corruption and hyper-expensive medication purchased by the Health Ministry will face justice.

The Public Prosecution will continue its investigation into the central archive of the Health Ministry on Monday, according to an El Heraldo article published on Friday. The Public Prosecution will continue its seizure of documents that may or may not contain clues about what appears to be a corrupt network within the Ministry formed to steal money from the publicly funded hospitals throughout the country. The attorneys who make up the Public Prosecutors will continue examining documentation in hopes of uncovering those responsible for this theft and fraud.

As of right now El Heraldo is reporting that they got access to a report which states that 12 businesses assisted with a massive chance of purchases where collectively they gained at least 1,000,000 lempiras through overcharging for medication and other things sold to the Health Ministry. Currently around 600 employees are implicated in 23 hospitals.

This is a long-term problem and the overvaluing took place from 2008-2015, and affected 20 separate health regions and the country on a central level.

Delia Rivas, the current Health Minister has assured the press that she’s working with the attorneys and wants to help find those responsible for this set of crimes. Some of the hospitals affected and being investigated are: San Felipe Hospital, Mario Mendoza Hospital, and Torax Hospital.

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