Update On Alleged Dog Meat Scandal: It’s Goat Meat Just Like The Restaurants Said

Tests conducted by the Forensic Medical department (MF) have reported that the meat which Honduran authorities thought might have been dog meat are not dog meat but goat meat which is what the restaurant’s owners said it was originally.

Beginning a few hours ago a source in the Public Prosecutors office has revealed that tests done on the meat taken from Tao Yuan an Asian restaurant have shown the meat to belong to a goat, not to a dog. On April 28th the Special Attorney To Protect Consumers and the Third Unit of the Military Police seized the meat from the restaurant which is located in Torocagua in Comayaguela.

It seems that since May 28th the authorities have known about the results of the forensic analysis and hadn’t revealed it. Jaime Rodriguez, the legal representative of the Chinese community has approached the Public Prosecutors to get a copy of the report written about the original accusations.

Chinese restaurants affected by this scandal have suffered massive damage from this and have seen sales drop by as much as 80% and have had to close and to fire people in order to survive this horrific accusation.

Noti Bomba’s article is where this translation comes from. If you enjoy having access to the news in English come support us through Patreon.


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