FOSDEH Releases Statistics About Hondurans In Poverty

Ismael Zepeda, an economist from the Social Forum Of External Debt and Honduran Development (FOSDEH) stated that Honduras has a population in poverty of an estimated 5,700,000 people who live below the poverty line. Another important and depressing statistic is that some 700,000 people are in extreme poverty.

Mr. Zepeda stated that these statistics come from a recent study that took place in 2016 and covered a multitude of families and homes. “These people lack the money needed to make a basic living, we are talking about abject poverty.” States the economic expert, about the population of Honduras who live in extreme poverty.

The Causes:

“We believe that this is caused by a lack of job creation, due in part to politics which don’t generate conditions for private businesses so instead of employing people the businesses use people.” Among others such as “In the private sector more than 1,100,000 people receive less than minimum wage.” And this causes people in Honduras to “Be born poor, grow up poor, and die poor”.

On the flip-side: poverty in Honduras has been shown to be reduced by what have been called “remittances” when Hondurans in the United States send money to their families, which affect thousands of families throughout the country. “There are hundreds of people who leave Honduras due to a lack of economic opportunity.” Says Zepeda.

The economist also warns that if Temporary Protected Status is taken from Honduras the people who’d be deported would drag many families further into poverty as more people, particularly those who send remissions back home, would be forcibly taken back to Honduras.

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