Prank Calls And Misinformation Reported To 911 Operators Will Be Fined

La Prensa is now reporting on Honduras’s 911 system which like the United States is how Hondurans call their first responders and emergency service providers.

Anyone who prank calls Honduras’s 911 emergency responders system will receive a fine from now on. Osman Reyes Pavon, the spokesman for this system has indicated that since May they’ve begun to notify around 5,000 people who now have an economic sanction placed on them for what they’re calling “incorrect use” of the emergency line. “We check and if we find that these people are misusing the emergency response line to bother operators or to give us false information.” Says the government official.

The fines for giving false information or prank-calling/otherwise inappropriately calling 911 depends on the duration of the call, and is cranked up 500%. What this means is that if a call lasts a minute the sanction will be 500 lempiras, and if its a recurring offense it will be 1000%.  “Many people use this line to bother, laugh at, tell jokes, and say perverted things.” Says Reyes Pavon.

Julian Hernandez, spokesman of the Secretary of Security commented that the implementation of these fines is good and will hopefully reduce the prank calls which distract authorities and misdirect resources. Julian states that on a daily basis they receive somewhere between 1000-1500 denouncements and warnings and that sometimes half of them are false.

This leads to the articles next point: parents need to keep an eye on their children to avoid being charged through this new system.

The National System of Emergencies  is the state-sponsored organization which responses to the 911 callers throughout the country. The callers can be Honduran citizens or visitors to Honduras who require immediate attention and the cost of the call is free.

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