Liberal Party Presidential Candidate Held Meeting In Danli

Luis Zelaya, presidential candidate for the Liberal Party and president of the Central Executive Board of the Liberal Party, swore in the 19 municipal board and the departmental board which is headed by Mario Segura Aroca, and the campaign manager Miguel Berrios on Saturday.

During an assembly which took place in the home of the mayor of Danli, Ramiro Chacon, Zelaya swore in the departmental board in the company of his retinue which includes his campaign coordinator Jose Alfredo Saavedra, and the congresswoman Gabriela Nunez.

Luis Zelaya recognizes the potential of the eastern sector of Honduras when it comes to coffee and stated that “the richness of the coffee ought to stay in the country and no more tobacco businesses should leave the country. All of them have a responsibility to stay here to benefit their workers.” The assembly was called to get the forces of the Liberal Party together and to have them hear presentations from the area’s leaders and advisers.

The source for this article comes from La Prensa. To support our publication check out our Patreon!

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