Suspect In The Murder Of Victor Funez Sent To Prison

For the crimes of murder and aggravated robbery against the deceased journalist Victor Yobani Funez Solis more commonly known as “El Masa”, on Friday the criminal known as “El Pajaro” was sent to prison late Friday.

The courts in La Ceiba declared that the alleged mastermind behind the murder of “El Masa” was to be judicially detained. He was also wanted for illegal firearm possession, attacking and injuring the domestic security of Honduras and injuring the police officer Robby Roberto Matute Rodriguez. He was captured just five hours after supposedly murdering Victor Funez, on Thursday in front of the home of the victim in La Gloria.

A video purportedly shows him confessing to this crime but later he himself would claim that the police forced him to confess.

The Wake:

This Friday the body of Victor Funez was flown to the funeral home Amor Eterno, where people from all over began to arrive to assist Victor’s family in their grieving process and to help them through this pain. Political personalities, business-people, and employers alongside other journalists have condemned this crime.

Victor’s career began as a sports narrator for a local radio and he went onto TV later on where he’d be part of Ceibavision channel 36. In the past three years he has directed the “Informe Nocturno” program in channel 45TV. He was also a congressional candidate for the National Party in Atlantida.

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