Authorities Seize Properties Of Matta Waldurraga’s Organization

Authorities representing the public prosecutors began Operation Terremoto (Earthquake) earlier today and went to raid various properties owned by the organization led by Juan Ramon Matta Waldurraga, according to sources including El Heraldo.

The executed actions were done by members of the Special Attorney Against Organized Crime (FESCCO) and the Organized Campaign Against Drug Trafficking (DLCN), supported by the Military Police For Public Order (PMOP). The raids took place at homes located in Tegucigalpa, Cedros (a municipality) in the department of Francisco Morazan, Danli in El Paraiso, and in Lepaguara and San Esteban in Olancho.

El Heraldo reports that they know exclusive details about the investigation which allegedly commenced in the offices of the Organized Campaign Against Drug Trafficking in April of 2001 and now that the Special Attorney Against Organized Crime is supporting them the investigation has strengthened itself over the last 17 years. Now authorities reportedly have seized around 43 real estate properties, among them 22 related businesses in the areas of electrical energy production, farming, armor-plating, and more, lots, homes, and apartments. All of these are considered to have illicit origins. Additionally allies of Matta Waldurraga are being searched for in the wake of the commencement of the public phase of this massive investigation.

First Results:

After the initial raids authorities have begun reporting on the results attained thus far. In Tegucigalpa they reported on the raid of a luxurious property in El Sauce. In Comayaguela they took a residence in Cerro Grande. Additionally they did operations in businesses near the seat of the government and in San Pedro Sula they went to the La Paz hotel to search for a connection to Juan Ramon Matta, according to members of the PMOP.



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