LIBRE Organizing Census Prior To National Elections

The leader of the Liberty And Refoundation Party (LIBRE) Manuel Zelaya met yesterday with allies, coordinators, and candidates of the following departments: Valle, Francisco Morazan, Comayagua, and La Paz to fine-tune their anti-fraud strategy.

Also at the meeting was Eva Fernandez, one of the few former members of the National Party who aligned herself with the Opposition Alliance, and Carlos Montoya who coordinates the Liberal Progressive Alliance of the Liberal Party.

The candidate for congressperson of LIBRE in Francisco Morazan has reportedly informed the press that they’ve decided to call for a census in each community, village, and hamlet, of the people who have died in the last four years to have a separate list on election day which will prevent someone from falsely presenting themselves as deceased individuals to commit electoral fraud. This census is also going to include police and active-duty soldiers who due to the law cannot vote.

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