Documents By The Honduran Property Institute Seized Due To Allegations Of Fraud

Authorities representing the public prosecution began seizing documents from the Honduran Property Institute in San Pedro Sula after receiving a tip-off concerning a possible network of fraudulent sellers who’ve been who’ve supposedly selling homes that actually have owners, many of whom were merely abroad during the times their homes were fraudulently sold.

Members of the Technical Agency of Criminal Investigation (Atic) arrived to seize documents from the legal consultation unit in the Los Castanos neighbor. Some services were suspended while the authorities from the public prosecution conducted their investigation. The investigation was done by attorneys and members of Atic.

There appears to be a network of fraudulent commissioners, notaries, and most likely employees of the Honduran Property Institute who are illegally pretending to sell homes and ultimately leaving people in San Pedro Sula on the street. This network has fooled citizens and residents of the city into believing they are buying homes whose actual owners are in the United States or another country.

The operation this investigation is part of is named “Tormenta de Fuego IV” which is being done by the Public Prosecution all over the country.

This is similar to another article that was translated earlier this month covering a similar event but without mention of a network of accomplices in La Lima.

The source for this translation is an article from La Prensa. To support The Honduras Report check out our Patreon and consider making a monthly donation.

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