Roatan’s Leadership Meeting With Opposition Alliance Leadership

It’s been announced that more Liberal leaders are joining the Opposition Alliance in the area of the Bay Islands, specifically Roatan.  Salvador Nasralla, the presidential candidate representing the Opposition Alliance is meeting with Dorn Ebanks, the Liberal Party politician and mayor of Roatan.

Yesterday Manuel Zelaya, the former president and coordinator of the Alliance met with Mayor Ebanks who warmly greeted the Opposition yesterday when they arrived at his home. It seems that the Liberal Party member has begun openly supporting Salvador Nasralla and the Alliance and he also stated: “We’ve begun the process of joining the Alliance to end the dictatorship, the Alliance is the people, we’ve united to continue transforming Roatan.” Said Dorn Ebanks.

The Liberal Party joining the Alliance means that in Roatan there are four parties united: LIBRE, PAC, PINU, and the Liberal Party. An event hosted by Salvador Nasralla and Dorn Ebanks will happen at 4:00 PM today.

The source for this article is a Noti Bomba article. To support this publication check out our Patreon!

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