More Than 70 Hondurans Abandoned By Smugglers

Immigration officials in Mexico announced just two days ago that 147 individuals attempting to get to the United States on Saturday, correcting a previous report that claimed the number was 178 which came from the police of Veracruz. Of that 147 a total of 74 are Hondurans who were seeking a better life.

“The National Institute of Immigration retrieved 147 foreigners from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua, who were abandoned without food or water presumably by smugglers.” Said the authorities in a message.

On Saturday night officials from the police force of Veracruz reported that 178 Central American immigrants had been abandoned by smugglers in the middle of their journeys to the United States. According to the Institute of Immigration there were 48 minors (14 of whom were unaccompanied). They were travelling without rest, in overcrowded conditions, and without ventilation. It seems they were told that they ought to hide in the undergrowth near where they discovered after being told to get off of a vehicle they were being driven in, with the promise that their smuggler’s would return. The demographics of the retrieved immigrants are: 1 Nicaraguan, 13 Salvadorians, 59 Guatemalans, and 74 Hondurans.

The article continues by talking about the 10 dead immigrants in the vehicle in Texas, and the discovery of 5 dead Guatemalans from a group of 12 on the Bravo River.

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