Comayagua Suffers From A Lack Of Doctors & Medicine

More than 32,000 Honduran beneficiaries of the Honduran Institute Of Social Security in Comayagua and La Paz lack access to attention from medical professionals and access to medicine. People in those areas who go to Tegucigalpa or other cities for medical treatments and to see orthopedic doctors, urologists, and other specialists  have to do so quite often.

“We’re in trouble because if we need specialists we have to go to the capital and our families end up having to pay more due to transportation and the costs of expensive medicine they want us to buy.” Said Luis Fernandez, a beneficiary of the Honduran Institute of Social Security. Of the Institute’s current direct beneficiaries (32,135) 1,580 became direct beneficiaries this year, during the first 6 months.

Subsidized Services:

Medical services are subsidized which means that the Institute will pay a hospital or private clinic in Comayagua to provide attention to the Institute’s beneficiaries. These hospitals and/or clinics are: Comayagua Colonial, and the Colaboradores con Dios clinic. Fanny Pavon, the general regional sub director of the Institute said that there was an annual contract which explicitly clarifies the responsibilities the clinic and the hospital have to their clinics in order to receive a payment from the Institute.

Monthly the Institute pays some 2-3 million lempiras to the hospital and around 500,000 lempiras to the private clinic. “We don’t have the authorization to reveal the exact statistics but the contract we have with the healthcare providers is a yearly on and the amount paid to the healthcare providers varies monthly and is based off of the number of patients treated monthly.”

Levels Of Attention:

The clinic provides general medical attention and attention related to dentistry, while the hospital has external consultations, hospitalization and doctors specializing in providing emergency medical service. Additionally there are four specialists in the area; a internist, an obgyn, a general surgeon, and a pediatrician.

According to Arturo Machado, a medical supervisor of the Institute it seems that getting more specialists to gain contracts with the IHSS (The Institute) depends on the contributions of those who are currently beneficiaries of the Institute right now. “The Institute counts on the contributions of those it benefits and that limits our ability to provide contracts to more specialized healthcare providers because their services are pricey.” States the supervisor.

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