President Juan Orlando Delivers Ambulances & Motorcycles To First Responders

People in San Pedro Sula and in the Sula Valley will now have ambulances ready to assist them if an emergency happens and they call 911. On Tuesday President Hernandez delivered 15 ambulances and 5 motorcycles to the National Emergency Response System, which will be operating as part of the Emergency Medical Unit of Copeco (the permanent contingency committee).

The Emergency Medical Unit is a new institution which seeks to strengthen the medical attention given to victims of injuries before they arrive at the hospital and can help people recover from all sorts of incidents and injuries even before they arrive at the hospital. Ambulances are sent to situations where providing patients with quality healthcare requires them to be transported, while the motorcycles will be sent to areas where traffic is extensive or where it’s difficult for other, larger vehicles to reach.

“We’re bringing San Pedro Sula what we began in Tegucigalpa and it hasn’t been easy but we’re working to leave behind our old memories of being the most violent city and nation in this part of the world. We need to remember where we’re coming from and where we’re going.” Said the President. He also said the following: “today the people have more confidence because they believe that we are improving the quality of life for all. We all believe that we can do good and that’s driving us to coordinate and organize to reach important milestones and make life better for us all.”

This article comes from La Prensa and was published Wednesday night.

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