Guns, Drugs, Counterfeit Money, And More Found During Raids Into Homes In Tegucigalpa

Drugs, cellphones, weapons, computers, and counterfeit cash have been found and seized early this morning in various homes throughout Tegucigalpa after a well-executed series of raids were conducted by various agents of the Military Police For Public Order (PMOP). At 6 in the morning raids began in the neighborhood of Jerusalen with various addresses to raid and permission to conduct those raids where they would find and seize cocaine, marijuana, weapons, and cellphones among other things previously hidden in the neighborhood.

Authorities additionally reported the discovery of 69,000 lempiras via bills of 500 lempiras each that have been confirmed to be counterfeits. These bills were hidden inside of caches presumably in homes raided by authorities.

The purpose of the raids was not just to discover and decommission contraband but to seek out members of a criminal group operating in the area, which is a neighborhood with lots of conflicts.

Jerusalen is just a few blocks away from the Arturo Quezada neighborhood where various violent deaths have been reported which are allegedly tied to a turf war between members of various gangs operating throughout Tegucigalpa for chances to sell drugs.

Until now the authorities haven’t revealed the objectives of these raids in depth but hopefully more details will come to light later today.

The source for this translation is an article from El Heraldo.


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