Interinstitutional National Security Force Declares High Standards Of Safety Prior To Patriotic Festivals Tomorrow

The national police and security apparatuses are strengthening themselves nationally prior to the commencement of various celebrations that will take place tomorrow. The announcement came from authorities representing the Interinstitutional National Security Force (Fusina).

According to Fusina this national strengthening is being done to provide the maximum possible security to the thousands of Hondurans who will be engaging in civic celebrations which will take place tomorrow and throughout the weekend. Fusina is working with the Armed Forces, the National Police, Immigration, the National Directive of Intelligence & Investigation, and various attorneys and judges who have national jurisdiction.

The security institute explained that there are a series of strategies both passive and active to handle a variety of situations that could occur during the nation’s day and weekend of celebrating and patriotism. The security institutes are asking the population to carry their IDs, drivers licenses, vehicle registration, and to not carry objects which could be expected to harm others such as weapons, guns, and others.

Other codes of conduct that are recommended are for people to not drink alcohol or other substances which alter human behavior, to park vehicles in safe places, have children under control, not to display signs with obscene or immoral messages, and to not show off valuable objects or leave them unattended.

The source for this article is a El Heraldo article.

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