Honduras’ Cardinal Asks Politicians To Present Positive Proposals

The cardinal of Honduras, Oscar Andres Rodriguez, has asked the candidates who are seeking office in November to present proposals to construct a “better nation” which are not based on insults or partisanship but rather constructive proposals aimed at improving life throughout the nation.

“Today is the beginning of a new month which will bring us considerably closer to election day. Consequently it’s time that the politicians stop saying who said this or who insulted who and instead offer concrete proposals which reveal who will take our nation towards a new path.” Said Rodriguez.

The electoral campaign shouldn’t be fundamental about insults or degrading the opposing politicians, says the religious leader in declarations to HRN radio in Tegucigalpa. He instead emphasized that there will be young Hondurans who are voting for the time in November and “They don’t want to know who is insulting who and who isn’t being insulted but instead who will put forth proposals that will construct a better nation.”

Rodriguez stated that a better nation won’t be created with insults or with “division, hate, and rancor, or with looking back at the past which has already happened, but can be achieved by accepting responsibility for its construction and proceeding with dignity and respect.”

10 parties will be in the polls in November, and the current President will be seeking reelection, Honduras will elect a president, three vice-presidents, 128 congresspeople and 20 congresspeople to the Central American Parliament, as well as 298 municipal mayors. Honduras will be celebrating its 10th general election since its return to democracy in 1980 after nearly 20 years of military rule.

President Hernandez’s attempt at reelection has provoked fury from the political opposition due to the Constitution’s absolute ban on presidential reelection, which didn’t stop the Honduran Supreme Court from allowing presidential reelection in 2015.

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