El Heraldo Erroneously Reports On Congressional Aspirants Who Appear To Publicly Voice Support For Same-Sex Relationships But Not Marriage Equality

Some women running for Congress have vocally stated their support for same-sex relationships. Specifically, Waleska Zelaya of the National Party, Kenia Torres Florentino of the Christian Democrats, and Issis Romero of the Patriotic Alliance all agree that lesbians and gay men ought to have to be with their significant others, but don’t necessarily agree with marriage equality.

In Honduras debates have occurred over this topic in the past and various groups have stood in opposition to the advancement of marriage equality. The Constitution only recognizes marriages between a man and a woman. Marriage equality has been backed in many developed countries and years ago was backed in many states in the United States before a Supreme Court case made it unconstitutional to ban same-sex marriage. Similar events in Europe including a popular vote in Ireland have made marriage equality possible in numerous European nations.

Kenia Torres says: “I’m completely in favor of marriage equality. I say that if people are doing good for a society, they aren’t delinquents, they are educated, they are professionals, and have the commonly agreed upon values of a society, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to marry other consenting adults. What’s going on is that we’re living in a society with a double-standard because we love to criticize each other and we don’t check ourselves which is part of the greater problem here. What exactly is the problem? So long as they aren’t harming anyone I am not afraid to respect their decision” The congressional candidate says concerning the possibility of marriage equality.

Without Harm:

Waleska Zelaya who is a candidate within the National Party asks: “What harm are two people of the same sex inflicting on others provided they love each other? All people have the right to be who they want to be and as human beings I respect them.” She says to Channel 10. Hours later after communicating with the National Party they established that she’d tow the party line by saying that “Waleska Zelaya respects people sexual orientations but isn’t in agreement with same-sex marriage.”

Issis Romero of the Patriotic Alliance party says that there is a need to make a motion in the National Congress to protect the rights of same-sex couples. “What right do I have to say no just because this goes against my perceptions of my morals? Morality and sexual orientation are not the same things, and I have no reason to oppose a law protecting the rights of the LGTBQI+ community in Honduras.”

Other Articles Offer More Clarity On This All Over The Place Piece From El Heraldo:

The three individuals have taken to social media to clarify their statements and positions and another article was published on Proceso which states that Kenia Torres does not have it “within her political proposals” to promote marriage equality due to the “taboo nature” of the topic and her belief that Honduran society is not yet ready to tackle marriage equality. Waleska said that her party has a clear stance against marriage equality due to the Christian values of Honduras. Issis Romero takes a stance similar to Kenia’s in stating that Honduras needs time to become better educated on the issue and realizes that sexuality isn’t a choice it’ll be possible to better tackle this delicate topic.

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