The Relocation Process For 150 Families From The Rio Blanco Has Begun

Please note: this article was published on November 1st. It’s being translated late to make up for the days’ translations weren’t occurring. It’s a La Prensa article.

With each rainy season, more than 16,000 families which live in the 16 zones of the San Pedro Sula greater area closest to the river run the risk of losing their homes and possibly even their lives. Despite these dangers, the inhabitants of the area show resistance to the idea of being relocated because for them there are two arguments that they consider vital: they don’t want to leave San Pedro Sula and they have jobs in the area.

For the director of the Social Action Committee Of The Mennonites Nelson Garcia Lobo these are valid arguments and he considers that people require the best living conditions possible and that they need to guarantee those conditions for the families. The relocation process has been nationalized and on October 31st the President and various ministers visited the areas from which people would be relocating. More than 1,400 families live in this area in improvised and handmade houses. It’s not simple getting them to move because they run businesses, daycares, stores, but none of these businesses, constructions, or investments have been authorized by the government.

In the middle of various often intense emotions the working class individuals in this area have received notice that there are two housing projects that they could move to if they wanted to do so. One such housing project is in El Progreso, Yoro, where there are 350 homes and the second is in Jucutuma with 1,200 homes.

“I’ve come here to talk about the work done by the relief institutions by the state.” Says one of the officials who surprised them by visiting. President Hernandez said he understood the difficulties of accepting this overnight but he also understands that they live in vulnerable and inhabitable areas and sooner or later they’d have to abandon them.

November 1st at 9 am two buses took some of the people in the area to the housing project located in El Progreso. “I want to suggest a compromise, for those of you who are still unsure about this, because now you can relocate to dignified housing which not only you deserve but your families as well. Let’s start with 150 families.” Said, President Hernandez. The government official also said that they depopulated that area so that people from San Pedro Sula could have more space for recreation & entertainment.

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