We Are All Tatiana Nunez, Mother Of Carlitos Collier, & The Need For Justice

As incredible as it sounds there are people who instead of demanding justice have decided to blame a mother whose worst crime is giving permission to her son to go out with his friend at night, a trip which led to his murder.

Tatiana Nunez has recognized that she lacked the firmness needed to discipline her son, but is that enough of a reason for us to react to this tragedy with insults and acting as if she is somehow responsible for this tragedy?

What actually happened here is that an out of control youth searched for dangerous friendships and was killed and those responsible including but not limited to the person who actually committed the murder ought to be jail. This isn’t about turning Carlitos into a hero. It’s about supporting a mother rightfully seeking justice and who is knee-deep in a system which is, someone has to say it, a crap-fest.

It’s true that there are other many other victims of violence in Honduras. Disgracefully not all of them have people who fight for their killers to be brought to justice and for the truths behind their deaths to be brought to light. Some of the families and friends of killed leave the dead to the hands of God. Others like Carlitos have family and friends like Tatiana who’ve decided to seek out truth and justice until the end.

It’s laughable because in all of this there are people who say that to them this all looks like a telenovela. They didn’t have to go and collect the corpse of their son in a trashcan.

I am standing in solidarity with Carlos’s family. My hope, however naive it might be, is that the judges, in this case, behave with straightness and apply the lay with the severity this case merits and this mother and her family deserve.

To read the original article from Radio House click here.

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