The Alliance & The Nationalists Are The Parties That Experienced The Most Growth In 2017’s Election

According to El Heraldo, the political parties that ended 2017 with the most growth were the Liberty & Refoundation Party, the Party of Innovation & Unity (which were in an alliance during the election), and the National Party were the parties that gained the most during the 2017 election. Libre & Pinu were in an alliance which undoubtedly helped the smaller and lesser-known Pinu party (lesser-known in an international context).

PINU which had only a single seat in the National Congress following 2013’s election made a pragmatic decision rather than risk being wiped out following 2017’s election: join an alliance with LIBRE which would allow them to gain 4 congresspeople.

In all of this the Anti-Corruption Party and the Liberal Party two parties that had potential and were largely labelled as important parties to watch during the election faced significant losses and are now in the midst of coming up with new strategies to use during the next four years that will hopefully enable them to recover and expand in 2021.

2009’s general election which took place after the constitutional crisis the National Party led by Porfirio Lobo Sosa gained 1,213,695 votes but lost votes in 2013 having earned 1,149,302 a loss of 63,393 voted. In the last election, they obtained 1,410,888 votes an increase of 261,586 an increase of about 22.7%.

Due to their unified participation, it’s impossible to do a true comparative analysis of the results of the alliance between LIBRE & PINU. That being said if you add up the votes LIBRE & PINU got in 2013 and compare those results to the results of the alliance then you see an increase of 33.77% according to the article with the cumulative 1,360,442 votes in 2017 for the opposition alliance compared to the total votes both individual parties got in 2013 which totaled 900,966 votes.

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