Workshops Centered Around Youth Entrepreneurship & Empowerment Occur In San Pedro Sula

Honduran & Guatemalan organization leaders attended a workshop in San Pedro Sula centered around implementing goals centered around youth empowerment.

Catholic Relief Services is holding the 6-day workshop with 25 participants from groups throughout Honduras & Guatemala using a methodology focused on the power of entrepreneurs. The facilitators of the methodology are specialists in youth employment, Katharine Andrade Eekhoff, and Flor de Fatima Hernandez, who are offering participants a series of learning tools directed specifically at young people.

Their program has been successfully implemented in Africa and is currently being refined and tailored to Latin-American countries and is aiming to strengthen the Senderos Juveniles de Centroamerica program (the Youth Pathways Central America program) which is in Honduras & El Salvador with the end goal being the construction of paths towards education & employment for Central American young people.

Participants come from a range of organizations including Tegucigalpa’s Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the municipality of Choloma, CESAL, COCEPRADIL, Caritas, Fe y Alegria, FUNADEH, and Glasswing Internacional.

YPCA ( is a binational program in Honduras & El-Salvador headed by Catholic Relief Services in association with the other organizations mentioned previously, as well as YouthBuild with financing by the Department of Labor of the U.S.A. They help at risk youths in Honduras & El-Salvador between the ages of 12-20 years ago and their families in 10 areas with high levels of violence in both countries, Soyapango, Mejicanos, San Salvador, Ciudad Arce, Santa Ana, San Pedro Sula, La Lima, Choloma, El Progreso, and Tegucigalpa.

Catholic Relief Services is the official agency of the Catholic Church of the United States for international humanitarian aid.

The source for this article is a La Tribuna article, and remember to support us by donating to our Patreon!

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