Accidents Fell By 50% During Holy Week Says First Response Agencies

The National Commission of Accident Prevention During Massive Demonstrations (Conaprem) published a report earlier today about incidents & accidents which took place during Holy Week 2018 in Honduras. During a press conference, the head of the Permanent Commission of Contingencies (Copeco) Lisandro Rosales highlighted that this year there was an increased participation of Honduran families in domestic tourism by 7.8% in comparison to last year’s numbers during Holy Week, reflecting an estimated revenue of at least 7,000,000 lempiras.

This increase is calculated by estimated the spendings of some 3,527,198 people who left their homes and went on domestic vacations which resulted in an increased hotel occupancy rate of more than 80% from last year. The minister of tourism, Emilio Silvestri highlighted the labor of Conaprem, Copeco, the Firefighters Corp, and the national police as well as the military police of public order.

Incidents & Accidents:

When it comes to incidents which took place during these holy days the highest number of drownings took place and were reported in Cortes, in rural western areas,  and in the heart of the country as well as it’s southern regions.

According to the published report this year there was a 30% reduction in drowning cases and a 50% reduction in road accidents compared to last year. According to Lisandro Rosales despite these improvements over last year “these accidents are still too many”.

Rosales says that the behavior of the Honduran people during these dates proves that “we can do good things”. Constant operations executed during periods of high traffic resulted in less seizures of licenses than in 2017, and the organizations determined to protect & save lives rescued some 169 people during the week.

The source for this translation is an article from La Prensa.

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