Area Around Tegucigalpa Ablaze, “Asphyxiating” Inhabitants

Tegucigalpa was affected today by a massive smoke cloud generated by the nearby forest-fires coming from the region’s heartland according to official sources.

2 of the forest fires have burned for days and were registered in the sectors of Carpintero and Zambrano, just some 30 kilometers away from Tegucigalpa according to Marco Antonio Artica, a representative of the firefighter’s corp.

What this environment situation also affects is the nearby international airport Toncontin which might have to be closed according to warnings from the Civil Aeronautics group.

The minister of the environment and mining, Jose Antonio Galdamez stated that so far this year there’ve been some 306 registered forest fires which have consumed some 12,000 hectares of forest, a statistic which is actually better than this time last year by some 30%. Galdamez explained that many of the fires are caused by men who don’t know how to the control the flames.

In rural Honduras, there are still farmers and landowners who use controlled fires to clear their land but don’t actually know how to control the fires which cause forest fires according to authorities tasked with forest protection. Something that worsens these fires is the winds which have been affecting the country according to the National Committee on Forest Protection.

Mario Centeno, an official with the Permanent Commission on Contingencies (Copeco) has said that between Wednesday & Friday there will be rain nationwide which could help the area and contribute to the end of a few of the forest fires.

The source for this article is a La Tribuna article.

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