3 Suspects In Newborn Kidnapping Criminal Network Captured

Honduras’s National Police captured 3 individuals accused of belonging to a criminal network that has committed cradle-robbing kidnappings in the Leonardo Martinez hospital in San Pedro Sula, following a denouncement of their activities by a mother who was affected by their actions. The names of the captured men are Cristian Jose Gavarrete Ortiz, Andes Acosta Urruita who is the legal advisor to the hospital, and Leslie Geraldina Gomez Reyes who is a nurse at the hospital.

A mother who was affected by their criminal activities said that she was approached by them after leaving the hospital with her newborn and was forced into a vehicle which took her away from the hospital and her home and she was threatened and told to give her baby. The mother called emergency services and the location of the vehicle they used to keep the mother contained was ascertained thanks to security cameras that captured footage of the vehicle.

It’s possible and believed by authorities that these criminals were involved in other cases of child kidnapping which took place at the hospital. Elvis Guzman who is the spokesman of the Public Ministry stated that the entire staff of the hospital is under investigation to figure out who else is involved in what is believed to be a criminal network of kidnappers who go after newborns.

“Other denouncements are being investigated as we speak but this is an important development to determine how connected these other accusations and denouncements are to criminals in the hospital.” Says Guzman.



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