The New Honduras Report

Hello, familia! It’s been a while. That being said there’s been an exciting update that’s worth sharing.

On October 16th this website was upgraded from a free site to a paid one. This change doesn’t affect you or your access to the news. It reflects the commitment of the Honduras Report to providing you, the readers, with the news. We are upping our commitment to translations and to journalism because we feel like you all deserve high-quality journalism and regular posts instead of sporadic ones.

This has been a rough and transformative year for the staff of the Honduras Report. Our editor got into graduate school, moved partway across the country, and started a new organization for humanists who are Latin-American. During all of this, he realized just much he loved the news and swore to revive the Honduras Report in a real way and make it better. The decision to upgrade the site and make it public was a consequence of that decision.

Luciano Gonzalez, our editor, is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Peace & Conflict Studies. One of his goals with that degree is to use it to eventually help Peace & Conflict Studies become something Honduran students can learn about in public and private schools and study in universities across the country. He also wants to help teach future translators especially translators who translate documents and news articles like he has been doing for the last few years. His commitment to these goals will become clear over the next few months as he returns to regular writing and posting on this site.

We hope that you’re as enthusiastic as we are for this return. We’ve missed making the news more accessible and now that we’re back it’s our primary goal. Let us know what you think and tell us what news you think deserves more coverage and more accessible coverage than it’s gotten!


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