Public Sector Employees Aim To Negotiate Reforms & A Raise

Public sector employees are going to be negotiating on Thursday, January 3rd to get a new salary which they’ve been demanding for the past few months.

The negotiations will take place during a meeting with the Labor & Finance Secretary who the public sector employees are hoping will be on their side.

“On January 3rd we’re going to the negotiating table but if we don’t have a response on January 4th, which is a Friday, we are going to assemble and speak our minds because it’s been a long time since we’ve gotten a raise.” Says Irma Marcias, the Secretary of the Union For Healthcare Providers (SITRAMEDHYS).

The health sector alone employs 25,000 people who are among the people who’d benefit from a raise. The proposal was made in August of 2018 and is coming from a place of great need since currently, many public sector employees cannot cover their living expenses.

“We’re also ready with a proposal for reforms to our benefits & insurance, currently our benefits & insurance haven’t been looked at in years. Many of us are healthcare workers and we are being taken advantage of since we work 24/7 and our work comes with risks.” Says Marcias.

The proposal starts with an adjustment that factors annual inflation, living expenses, and workplace risk. Some public sector healthcare providers earn just 7,300 lempiras (presumably a month but it never says in the article). The negotiations would benefit all public sector employees.

The source for this article is El Heraldo. To read the original article click here.

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