The Honduras Report exists to serve as a supplementary resource and to provide supplemental reading material for English speakers who are interested in Honduras. We’re an independent publication that translates materials from various different newspapers and compiles information from all over the internet to create truly comprehensive and up to date material on various topics and to provide our readers with the resources needed to be aware of events going on all over the country.

Honduras is a complex country and English media overwhelmingly discusses the danger but oftentimes does so inaccurately and without informing readers as to the various organizations doing their best to cause positive change. English media likes to focus on the negative without mentioning any positive news, and doesn’t properly contextualize statements about Honduras, making sweeping statements about the country as a whole when it’d be better to give Honduras nuanced coverage as to not unfairly disparage an entire nation and entire groups of people when what’s meant is often singular regions or one or two cities. Many Hondurans and visitors to the country understand that danger and corruption are in fact present in the nation but that Honduras is not beyond hope and that Honduras and Hondurans deserves nuanced coverage by people who care about reporting from every angle of an issue.

The Honduras Report is a passion project of a single writer: Luciano Gonzalez, who for years regularly updated the Facebook group, oftentimes multiple times a day with translations of articles from all over the Internet, from La Prensa, to El Heraldo, to Radiohouse, and translated articles written by both young journalists and politicians of all of Honduras’s numerous political parties. Luciano is now a graduate of college and is determined to expand the influence and reach of the Honduras Report, before eventually transforming it into a real newspaper that operates inside of Honduras and shares news in English throughout the country. Luciano is an ambitious individual who dreams of transforming the journalism industry in Honduras and making it fully bilingual.

In order to contact Luciano send him an email at: Lucianothewriter@gmail.com

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About Luciano Gonzalez:

Luciano Gonzalez is the editor of the Honduras Report. He is a translator living in Washington D.C. and working for a variety of organizations as a social media planner and conflict worker. He is deeply involved in the irreligious community and translates the news as a hobby. You can connect with him by following him on Twitter @Lucianowrites


Image credit goes to: adalifc from Pixabay.